The USMLE Step 1 is a one-day computerized examination that assesses whether you comprehend and can apply important concepts of the basic sciences to the practice of medicine. Step 1 is commonly seen as the most challenging exam and is more comprehensive than the exams taken throughout medical school.


The United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) is a set of exams that assesses whether or not you’re ready to practice medicine.

The USMLE consists of 4 exams. Each Step is taken at a different point in your medical career and requires different levels of USMLE prep. Consider each USMLE Step its own individual exam that you’ll need to prepare for.

Step 1 consists of multiple-choice questions designed to measure basic science knowledge, including questions in anatomy, behavioral sciences, biochemistry, microbiology, pathology, pharmacology, physiology, and interdisciplinary topics, such as nutrition, genetics, and aging.

Step 1 is administered by appointment on a year-round basis. Step 1 is typically taken by U.S. medical students at the end of their second year of medical school, or international medical graduates who are already licensed doctors in their home countries, but wish to practice medicine in the United States. As an international medical graduate, you must first register with the ECFMG at www.ecfmg.org. After registering, you’ll receive an ECFMG identification number. To actually book your exams, you’ll need to book an eligibility period for your exam.

Step 1 is a one-day examination with seven 60-minute “blocks” administered in one 8-hour testing session; computer tutorial: 15 minutes; breaks: 45 minutes, self-scheduled

Step 1 consists of 280 multiple-choice questions, broken down into 7 one-hour blocks of 40 questions each.


The Kaplan Medical course had a significant impact on my scores, but more importantly it helped me develop a more profound and comprehensive understanding of the various fields in the basic sciences.
Suman R.
Step 1 Score - 253
Without the Kaplan Medical course, I wouldn't have scored that high. It helped me by creating a solid base of knowledge necessary for understanding and applying medical concepts during my preparation and most importantly, during the day I took Step 1.
Luis C.
Step 1 Score - 250


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Specialty: Neurology

Chief Medical Officer at Kaplan Medical

Words of wisdom:

“My advice is you need to always be aware of where you are and how well you’re doing. Do assessments, do diagnostic tests. Interspersed that with studying and see if you’re improving.”

Specialty: Family Medicine

Kaplan Medical Faculty

Words of wisdom:

“There’s a great deal of basic medical science that students need to commit to memory in order to score well on the USMLE Step 1 and that’s where Kaplan comes into play.”

Specialty: Clinical Informatics

Kaplan Medical Faculty

Words of wisdom:

“There are no shortcuts in life, and definitely, there is no shortcut for the boards. Especially when you want to get a great score.”

Specialty: Pathology

Kaplan Medical Faculty

Words of wisdom:

“You should plan to review all of the material at least two or three time over the course of your study period.”

Specialty: Internal Medicine

Kaplan Medical Content Developer

Words of widsom:

“If you’re honest as to where you are at then it’s going to be easy to program your study time in a way that really fits what you need.”

Specialty: Urology

Kaplan Medical Faculty

Words of wisdom:

“Simply stated there are no shortcuts in board preparation really. You get one chance to pass and not only pass but do the very best you can.”


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