A dynamic and multicultural community

A curriculum that takes you beyond business

Build your knowledge: Business core
Your MBA program’s core curriculum is focused on the essential topics of business theory. Your core courses will give you a thorough grounding in the critical knowledge of general business and deepen the technical skills you’ll need to move to an advanced level.

The skills you’ll acquire as part of your core courses are based on a large-scale big data analysis conducted by Hult in partnership with Burning Glass. Analyzing millions of job descriptions, the study identified the most sought-after skills and technical abilities employers are looking for. These have been integrated throughout your MBA program’s core curriculum and certain electives to ensure you graduate with a skillset that employers value and that will serve you from day one in the workplace.

Throughout your degree, you will put the theory and skills you’re learning into practice with real challenges from real clients. In addition to adhoc, professor-led challenges, you’ll have the option to compete in core campus-wide challenges, which will require you to creatively problem solve for both local and global businesses.

Your own path: Electives
Customize your degree to suit your career goals or personal interests with a broad range of electives covering more than 30 topics. Your electives take place in the summer, and you will normally take six elective courses. Explore any topic that interests you most, or specialize when you complete three or more electives in that field. Topics are far-reaching but can be grouped in the following disciplines:
– Marketing
– Finance
– Entrepreneurship
– Business Analytics
– Disruptive Technology

Perspective: See the world differently
At Hult, you will be immersed in a global environment without even leaving campus, and every topic you study will be approached from a global point of view. Your business knowledge will be placed in the context of the complex global environment that organizations must operate in, with a focus on how to solve international issues and challenges.

– Study with classmates of 160+ nationalities
– Learn from faculty with experience in 45 countries bringing firsthand global business experience into the classroom
– Be exposed to multinational companies

Experience: Global Campus Rotation
Once you have completed your core courses, you will have the opportunity to take electives at up to two more of any of our campus locations:
– Boston
– San Francisco
– London
– Dubai
– Shanghai
– New York

Tomorrow’s world: Emerging technology
You’ll learn about emerging technologies impacting the business world of tomorrow directly from the people leading their development with our Day of Disruption speaker series. Through electives in disruptive technology, you’ll develop the critical thinking to identify the potential impact and opportunities of new and emerging technologies including:
– Blockchain
– Internet of Things
– Artificial Intelligence
– 3D Printing
– Gene Editing
– Robotics
– Autonomous Vehicles

Future thinking: Harness the power of innovation
Your final team project will push you to apply all your learning to develop an innovative solution to a question no one has found the answer to yet. You’ll use design thinking to explore the possibilities of emerging technologies and how you can harness their potential to solve the challenges businesses will face in the future.

Learning to lead: Leadership program
Through self-assessments, personal diagnostic tests, and expert workshops, you’ll identify your strengths and weaknesses and how best to utilize them as a teammate and leader. In class, you’ll apply these skills to real-world situations, reflect on your performance, and come to embrace every growth opportunity to realize your full leadership potential with the help of peer feedback and coaching.

Growth through practice: Learn by doing
Put theory into practice as part of your everyday classroom experience, and build on your individual strengths and weaknesses as you take part in:
– Business challenges
– Live client consulting
– Hackathons
– Design sprints

Your year at a glance

Immersed in diversity from day one, your year at Hult will be a transformative journey. Your degree has been designed so that you continuously apply business knowledge as you acquire it, practice your teamwork and leadership skills, and keep your thinking focused on the future.

Best International One-Year MBA

(Forbes, 2017)

for Percentage Increase on Pre-MBA Salary

(The Economist, 2017)

for Diversity of Recruiters

(The Economist, 2017)

Sample timeline using MBA courses and events*

September to December

January to March

Business core:
Managerial Economics,
International Marketing,
Operations Management

World: Business and Global
Future: Day of
Disruption You: Leadership Immersion

Business core:
Organizational Behavior,
Financial Management,
Analytics in Business Decisions

World: Global Strategy
Future: Future Mindset
You: Leadership Development

*Note: Chart shows a sample selection of courses from the MBA program and not the full curriculum. Curriculum, courses, sequencing, and program requirements are subject to change. The most recent Terms & Conditions are available at hult.edu.
Upon successful completion of an MBA at Hult, you will be awarded a joint U.S. and U.K. degree. For additional accreditation information please visit hult.edu/accreditation.
Hult’s Global One-Year MBA program is ranked in The Economist’s 2017 ranking of MBA programs worldwide.

Design your degree and create your future with electives

You’ll come to Hult with unique professional goals and personal interests. Your electives enable you to tailor your program to suit you. Use your electives to create a specialized degree, study what most interests you, or learn about the technologies shaping our future.

Choose your own path

No-limits learning
You can choose as many as six electives from a broad range of over 30 topics, and specialize by completing three or more electives in a particular subject area: marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, or business analytics. In addition to usual in-person courses, some electives are also offered through a mix of in-person, online, and blended formats.

Take electives at any campus
Regardless of where you start your MBA with us, you can choose to take electives at up to two more of any of our campus locations in Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai, Shanghai, and New York.* So as well as broadening your global business knowledge in class, you can gain firsthand international experience in as many as three different cities.

Sample electives:

– Customer Acquisition through Digital Marketing
– Solutions Marketing
– Consumer Behavior & Cross Cultural Marketing

– Social Innovation
– Disruptive Business Models
– Family Business

– Global Strategic Valuation
– Mergers & Acquisitions
– Entrepreneurial Finance

– Big Data
– Data Visualization
– Marketing Analytics

Master Degree program

Masters in Finance

Hult’s Masters in Finance equips you with the foundation necessary to tackle the complex world of corporate financial management. Learn both the language of business and the tactical financial skills needed to make an impact in international accounting and corporate finance.

What you’ll learn: You’ll learn to understand the nuts and bolts of the business. By the end of the program, you’ll be able to explain what drives your organization’s numbers so that you can advise on which activities drive profitable growth.

Why employers value this: Smart financial management decisions maximize shareholder and company value and limit risk. The role of the CFO and the company’s finance team is to optimize financial performance. They do this by looking for ways to fund investments and free up capital.

Masters in International Marketing

Clever marketing drives brand loyalty, product longevity, and profit. As companies look to differentiate their offerings in a global marketplace, Hult’s Masters in International Marketing degree equips you with the strategic and executional marketing skills needed to stand out.

What you’ll learn: You’ll learn how to leverage digital marketing, social media, marketing analytics, and customer engagement strategies to break through the noise and make a measurable impact on marketing objectives.

Why employers value this: Mastering the modern world’s marketing mix is more critical than ever to successful business strategy as consumers are constantly exposed to an increasing amount of branded content across various channels.

Masters in Business Analytics

Demand for scientific graduates means Masters in Business Analytics grads working in U.S. STEM jobs postgraduation can receive U.S. work authorization (OPT) of up to three years. As the role of big data becomes increasingly important, this degree equips you with the analytical and business capability to translate data
statistics and analysis into action.

What you’ll learn: This degree will place you at the intersection of statistical analysis and business knowledge. You’ll learn how to tell the story behind the numbers so that you can make meaningful, impactful contributions.

Why employers value this: Companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon have demonstrated the profitability of harnessing large-scale consumer data. Employers search for candidates who have the ability to translate data into actionable solutions.

Masters in Disruptive Innovation

Disruption and innovation impact all areas of the workforce and fundamentally change how businesses grow. As companies race to innovate in a shifting digital landscape, Hult’s Masters in Disruptive Innovation will enable you to link successful business decisions with technological advancement.

What you’ll learn: This degree is designed to equip you with both a practical business understanding and the knowledge of how people, technology, and digitization overlap to impact decision making and organizational change.

Why employers value this: Though many graduates use the innovative techniques they learn in this degree to launch their own endeavors, all business leaders understand that harnessing disruptive technologies is critical to driving rapid innovation and maintaining relevance. Employers seek candidates with both business and digital acumen.

Hult graduates are in demand at some of the world’s leading companies and in the most competitive industries. Their reputation as globally-minded innovators with an entrepreneurial spirit sets them apart.

Who are the top 15 employers of Hult graduates globally?
1. PwC
3. EY
4. Deloitte

5. EF Education First
6. Accenture
7. Bank of America
8. Amazon

9. Boston Consulting Group
10. L’Oréal
11. Salesforce

12. Uber
13. Morgan Stanley
14. Porsche
15. BASF

Hult’s Global Campuses

In one year, you can study in up to three different cities. First, choose your home campus: Boston, San Francisco, London, or Dubai. Then, over the summer, complete your elective courses at up to two more campuses. Choose from any of the home campuses, as well as Shanghai and New York.

Gain a uniquely global perspective

At Hult you will do more than study business and earn your degree. You will learn to see the world differently. By bringing together people, cultures, and innovative ideas from around the world, Hult is dedicated to providing you with an educational experience that will transform your mindset and your career.



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